In the beginning

tl;dr - I gave my team a 30 min intro to R talk and followed up with an email listing useful resources for people who have never tried R. I work in a small team of 9 performance, costing and electronic medical record (EMR or EHR) analysts at a publicly funded peadiatric hospital in Melbourne, Australia. I have been on my own quixotic (adj. possessing or acting with the desire to do noble and romantic deeds, without thought of realism and practicality; exceedingly idealistic)

Github issues data - ozunconf 17

What a great two days I had at rOpenSci’s ozunconf 2017. two days of meeting fascinating and friendly new people two days filled with great conversations two days of learning new things and breaking things two days of inspiration two days of communal git ups and downs two days of not having to explain ‘why R’ Before, during and since the ozunconf I have been the interested in the idea that since actions create data - our own actions in attending and participating generate their own data that would be interesting to analyse.